Minor league baseball on a late summer day

It’s not too late to take an outing to a ballpark. Whether it is to see your local minor league team or a visit a major league’s stadium, the weather is perfect for a game of baseball. It’s not too hot, is not too cold. It is perfect.

My husband is a Detroit Tiger’s fan. A tortured fan, but a loyal one, nonetheless. We have been to see the Tigers, the S.F. Giants, and a few minor league games, as well. Now I’m not a huge baseball fan, but I do love the yummy food, the sweet treats and the time we sit together laughing about life and talking a bit about baseball, too. I think my favorite baseball park is the home of the Durham Bulls.

Recently, the whole family went on a weekend trip see the Baltimore Orioles. We spent the night in a hotel in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and the evening watching baseball. The tickets weren’t too expensive, because the seats were a little high up. But really, just how close do you have to be to home plate? I actually think we spent more on the food at the park, but we knew going into the weekend getaway that it was going to be pricey. And really, it was worth it, because there’s so much more to a baseball game than just watching the game.

So what’s the best weather for baseball?   Any weather – as long as your with family and friends.

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