Farmer’s markets with tomatoes, peaches and more

It’s time to get out and visit your local farmer’s market. You’ll find vegetables, fruit, flowers, cheese, meats, eggs and much, much more at a farmers’ market near you.

Why buy local? Why buy fresh?

  • Locally grown and produced foods are wonderfully fresh and delicious…..local farmers often pick and sell within 24 hours.
  • Buying local gives you freedom of choice for your health and nutrition….. you know where your food comes from.
  • You can try new and unusual produce…..just ask the farmer their favorite way of preparing what they grow.
  • Local farmers can offer produce grown for its great taste…..not grown to stay “fresh” on a supermarket shelf for days and days.
  • Buying local helps the environment…..on average conventionally grown food travels 2,000 miles from field to plate.
  • You can support family farmers….. each local food purchase helps keep your surrounding communities strong.

So grab your favorite shopping bag and visit a local farmers’ market or two. You’ll be amazed at what you will find.