It’s cold down there

I hadn’t visited a cave since I was really little and loved a recent trip to Luray Caverns in central Virginia. My breath was truly taken away by Mirror Lake in the caverns, where a few inches of water reflect the formations above it with such clarity that the lake appears to have no bottom. It is amazing!

We went a nice warm day, but I wished I had known to bring sweaters for the kids. I learned that caves stay consistently chilly since the earth insulates them. I had a wrap with me, but 10 minutes into the tour it was on my daughter and I was cold for the rest of the time.

I also learned that there is a serious problem is affecting and killing bats in caves in the eastern portion of the United States. I saw a request that visitors to caves should not wear the same clothes if they are planning to visit two different caves in one day. This is a small way to help keep bats healthy.

With caves and caverns in states across the country, it is easy to find one near you and take a trip down into a beautiful new, if not chilly, world.


Mirror Lake

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