Spend time at a historic hotel

Visiting a grand hotel during the holidays is a wonderful way to celebrate the season. The decorations vary from holiday to holiday, and each hotel has its own style and design. Many hotels will have spas, outdoor activities, nearby shopping and of course, great food at their restaurants.

Living in Virginia, there are many grand hotels to visit. There is the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, the Hotel Roanoke in Roanoke, the Homestead in Hot Springs and many more. You can find historic hotels all across the country at HistoricHotels.org.  Take a day trip or make it a weekend trip to enjoy a grand hotel near you.


Hotel lobby chandeliers tell my family that I have arrived safe and sound

Traveling for business can be exciting but one is still far away from family and friends. A fun way to say that you have arrived at your hotel is to snap a photo of the lobby chandelier and send a quick text message.

It is amazing just how different the lights are from hotel to hotel, even if you are a loyal customer to one hotel chain. A quick text message and a photo brings your family into the moment and lets them know you have arrived safely.