Polish hens flocking

We’ve all heard of a flock of chickens, a swarm of bees and a team of horses. But would you have guessed at a parcel of pigs or a mischief of mice? Well, my friend got me thinking about these fun sayings recently, and I simply had to find a few more. Here are some ….

parliament of owls

mob of kangaroos

creep of tortoises

pod of dolphins

troop of gorillas

bed of clams

exaltation of larks

pride of lions

herd of swans

float of crocodiles

The origin of these collective nouns, as they are really called, is uncertain but there is a bit of logic to them, they are often based on animal behavior. On a trip to the Virginia Safari Park, I was thrilled to rub the noses of a flock of camels that all gathered around searching for treats. So the next time you are hiking through the woods and see a murder of crows take a look at their behavior and see what you think.

P.S. Here are some more..

congress of baboons

convocation of eagles

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