Spring flowers and summer blooms

I have small dragons pushing their green claws through the soil all around my yard. At least that’s what the tips of daffodils look like to me.

I am one of those nuts that love botanical gardens, private garden tours, and garden shows. I really enjoy seeing how professional designers and backyard gardeners lay out their spaces. I enjoy seeing the plants they choose and how they mix them together so that there is beauty all year round. On a visit somewhere, I don’t remember where I saw that the gardeners had intermixed the daffodils with daylilies. That way when the daffodils were on their way out, the new growth of the daylilies were beginning and their growth would cover up the dying daffodil leaves. I have tried it in my garden, and it works beautifully.

Now, it is still winter, so the daylilies are nowhere to be seen but I can see green tips of the daffodils. Or maybe, they really are sleeping dragons beginning to wake up from their winter naps and poking their toes upward. You never really know in a garden.


A spring bouquet