find a rink near you and choose the correct skates

Ice skating is a fun way to spend an afternoon. In some cities, you can skate all year round and in others, rinks pop up for the winter holidays. One can also skate outside on a frozen pond but this takes a seasoned pro to know when the ice is thick enough to be safe. I have skated on a frozen pond and a frozen reservoir in a tucked away cove, but the ice has always been tested with a drill to measure the exact depth of the ice. Even with the ice depth tested, each person always skates with an ice hockey stick as a precaution – just in case the ice were to crack.

choosing your skates the first time

If you are a beginning skater or have a new skater with you, wearing figure skates until you have the basics down is a good idea. Figure skates have a long, flat blade that is pointed on the back with a toe pick on the front. Ice hockey skates have a rounded blade that is curved on both ends. I have often seen ice hockey skates being given to a new skater and have watched them fall backward over and over because of the rounded blades. If you have a new skater start with figure skates.

One other tip – a great way to start out as a new skater on the ice is to march – yes march! If you are taking steps up and down then you aren’t sliding out of control. You transition from marching steps to a gentle glide. From there, the gliding becomes skating.

A quick search on the term – “find an ice skating rink near me” – should locate a fun place to skate. Pack your warm gear and head out for a day of ice skating.


Artists share their work with travelers

How many times have you been walking through an airport and noticed the art in display cases and on the walls, but just hurried on by?

While some of the art installations in airports are by local students, others are commissioned works by professional artists. In Charleston, SC travelers are treated to seagrass baskets from the renowned artist, Mary Jackson. In Atlanta, GA, I recently saw the work of Robin Price for the first time.

The art in airports has been growing in stature as airports have become larger with more luxury stores and services for travelers. One really never knows what you will see or whose work will be on display. Even though you certainly have somewhere to be, and sometimes very little time to get there, pause for a moment to enjoy the artwork in the airport.