Rides, games, and animals at your local fair

What ride threatens to make you sick at the fair? Is it the Tilt-a-Whirl? Maybe it is the Flying Pirate Ship that may at any moment dump you out of your seat. For me, it is the cute green dragons.

Those dragons seem innocent enough with their pretty colors and smiling faces, but beware! Unknown to me was the fact that they each spin individually, while simultaneously being hurled around in a circle. Really, I can’t think of any carnival ride more torturous for an adult. Of course, my two small children thought it was the best ride they have ever been on. They grabbed the wheel in the middle of the dragon and spun it around and around making us go faster and faster. To survive, I had to look out the door and try and focus on a light or building, anything to keep my dizzy head from getting the best of me.

When the ride was finally over, I stumbled outside and safely away from the grinning dragon. The kids handed the man two more tickets and jumped back on. My lesson…. let the kids ride the spinning dragons. I’m happy to wait by the fence with some kettle corn.

Here are a few fairs with and without dragons.

Harvest Faire in Newport News, VA
October 12-14
Harvest Faire is a modern interpretation of a late 15th-century European fall harvest celebration and tournament.    Entertainers and a market mix with the sounds of good-natured martial competition and the smells of period cooking.     Watch a craftsperson plying their trade, try your hand at games of chance and skill, and cheer for the warrior of your choice at the Field of Honors. Wander through 6 acres of the village on a 22-acre site.

New York Fairs 
July through September
In addition to the New York State Fair, there are dozens of local county fairs across the state.

California Fairs
January through December
You will find large country fairs and small farm fairs all across California. You could spend almost every day enjoying fresh food and riding rides.

More to come…..

Minor league baseball on a late summer day

It’s not too late to take an outing to a ballpark. Whether it is to see your local minor league team or a visit a major league’s stadium, the weather is perfect for a game of baseball. It’s not too hot, is not too cold. It is perfect.

My husband is a Detroit Tiger’s fan. A tortured fan, but a loyal one, nonetheless. We have been to see the Tigers, the S.F. Giants, and a few minor league games, as well. Now I’m not a huge baseball fan, but I do love the yummy food, the sweet treats and the time we sit together laughing about life and talking a bit about baseball, too. I think my favorite baseball park is the home of the Durham Bulls.

Recently, the whole family went on a weekend trip see the Baltimore Orioles. We spent the night in a hotel in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and the evening watching baseball. The tickets weren’t too expensive, because the seats were a little high up. But really, just how close do you have to be to home plate? I actually think we spent more on the food at the park, but we knew going into the weekend getaway that it was going to be pricey. And really, it was worth it, because there’s so much more to a baseball game than just watching the game.

So what’s the best weather for baseball?   Any weather – as long as your with family and friends.

Polish hens flocking

We’ve all heard of a flock of chickens, a swarm of bees and a team of horses. But would you have guessed at a parcel of pigs or a mischief of mice? Well, my friend got me thinking about these fun sayings recently, and I simply had to find a few more. Here are some ….

parliament of owls

mob of kangaroos

creep of tortoises

pod of dolphins

troop of gorillas

bed of clams

exaltation of larks

pride of lions

herd of swans

float of crocodiles

The origin of these collective nouns, as they are really called, is uncertain but there is a bit of logic to them, they are often based on animal behavior. On a trip to the Virginia Safari Park, I was thrilled to rub the noses of a flock of camels that all gathered around searching for treats. So the next time you are hiking through the woods and see a murder of crows take a look at their behavior and see what you think.

P.S. Here are some more..

congress of baboons

convocation of eagles